Wow, Oly wipes the floor with Panasonic!

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Re: Wow, Oly wipes the floor with Panasonic!

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If Panasonic brought out a GF1 with the sensor of the G3 that would be the camera to beat for me but they don't. They just bring out one "smaller this and that" NEX competitor after the other.

speaking about NEX competitor, why is there a tilt-LCD (with lower resolution) on the E-PL3 but no tilt-LCD on the top model E-P3?

I guess, nobody understands this. It shows that there isn't any model policy at play except that it has to be a PEN (i.e. no build-in view finder). Olympus randomly scattered new features around without a clear concept - sigh. To me the EPL-3 is superfluous. They should have canceled that model and put the tilt screen in it. As a third model, they sould have released something with a build-in EVF and a tiltable screen mounted at the left instead of the bottom.

I see no significant progress in reordering the mess.

The new primes are the big news, the bodies still do not fullfill the customer demands completely.

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Fufill which customers? You specifically? The posters on this forum who are a drop in the bucket for Olympus?

If it is that big a deal, there is the G3. Oh, wait, it has a hump. Maybe Olympus is working on that? Maybe putting in an EVF is harder than we think it is or that it is doable, but at a high expense that is not recoverable.

Choices are a good thing.

Which choices are you talking about? With Pansonic I see small brick, small DSLR-type, versatile DSLR-type and videocam. With Olympus I see small brick, brick, brick or PEN, PEN, PEN respectively. Is that choice? No.

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That maybe how you see it. I don't run a camera company, so I have no idea what their strategies or motivations are. We can all speculate till the cows come home. Just because they don't have an option you like doesn't mean it is wrong for Olympus, or any company, for that matter.

I don't whine because Pansonic has yet to produce a suitable GF1 upgrade.

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