Ultra lightweight tripod recommendations

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Re: Ultra lightweight tripod recommendations

Okay, not sure if this string is old news now, but I just recently received the T-1004x. It was a shade over the listed 2.43lbs. I removed the regular column and put on the short column (included in the order) and it made it less than 2.4lbs. One caveat, the short column does not have the spring-triggered hook on the bottom, so you have to be a bit more creative to hang a bag on it. Although, there is a screw at the bottom of the short column, so you could jury-rig something (without having to drill/alter tripod) with a couple part from Home Depot and you'd be fine.

Also, the two center columns actually can be screwed together to make one very long center column. Not sure how useful due to vibration.

The thing is solid (the T-1004x is aluminum), no problems with the twist locks. I've never owned twist locks, so I don't know the horrors of in-the-field work. I've used a lot of flip locks for video work (albeit they are on beefy tripods that hold XL2s and such), so I have experience with 'em and I really like the motion/action of twists better.

Not much to say, really, it's aluminum, height really doesn't bother me (especially with the flip-out screen on the 60D), it doesn't "FEEL" heavy, feels very sturdy, so I'm very happy with it at this point. And it looks good, if that matters.

Oh, and about the "offensive" comment: offensive is just a word. It's all semantics. Offensive, rude, lame, asinine, whatever; point is, I question the motives of it, because I DON'T think it was said be helpful-- and I agree, it didn't answer OP question. I could say, "Gee, if you just worked out more, trained for a decade, you could climb Everest." But that just doesn't help anyone at all. Maybe if we all were better looking we'd get modeling offers and then we'd have the $$ to buy Gitzo and not care. No "offense" in case y'all feel you're hot tamales.

Anyway, last thoughts on Sirui: If I had the $$, I'd probably go for the T1204x (same tripod as the T1004x but CF and only 1.76lbs). If a monopod is a must, the N1204 is the way to go (with removable leg that converts into monopod). Buy at your own risk, there ain't a ton of support here in USA.

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