X100 vs. Leica M9 w/35mm Summicron

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Re: They are not equal....

Howard Shooter wrote:

I have several cameras and look at many forums, the Leica forums are rarely about justifying the price. The Fuji X100 often is.... If you think one camera is better than another then great... all I'm saying is why is it sooo important to try and persuade people that your camera is better.... I've seen great photos taken on cheap compacts.

1. Because there are fewer people trolling the Leica forum saying how overpriced the camera is.

2. Because there are so many people trolling here running down the X100 when they don't even own one - there seem to be an extraordinary number of people determined to say how rubbish the X100 is. So those of us who actually own one and are finding it to be a wonderful camera think that it's worthwhile defending it against the haters so that it doesn't put people off buying it and Fuji continue to make such fantastic cameras in future.

3. Because that's what being a fanboy is all about.

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