Wow, Oly wipes the floor with Panasonic!

Started Jun 30, 2011 | Discussions thread
TrapperJohn Forum Pro • Posts: 16,488
Over to you, Panasonic

There's a GH3, and an upscale GF waiting in the wings, so I'd suggest the fanboy cheerleading might be a bit premature. And completely unnecessary, as we can take the best from both systems, and mix them together. Last time I tried, the 20 1.7 worked perfectly on my Pen.

And speaking of glass: are we in hog heaven or what? The magical PL25 has been recreated in M43 form, with a lower price. Now here's a pricey but fast and wicked sharp 12mm prime, a not so pricey and fast 45mm prime. Finally, we're getting away from the slow kit stuff and into some serious lenses.

The way these two are going at it, Nikon and/or Canon will really have to hustle just to field a competitive entry. Trouble with bars is - they keep getting moved higher, even when you're not jumping.

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