Getting iMac to recognize SD card or Flash drive

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Re: Getting iMac to recognize SD card or Flash drive

Ballarat Sam wrote:

seeblue wrote:

A couple things to try: Make sure you are using one of the USB ports on the iMac (not the keyboard or an external USB device).

I am new to all this, i.e. Digital, but not newcomer to photography. Why not keyboard USB port?

Perhaps a matter of power? The keyboard itself reserves some of the power capacity of the USB port to which it is connected, so there's less to go around for whatever you plug into the keyboard.

Wired mice don't need much power, so it's generally OK to plug them into the keyboard. iPods like to charge over USB, so I believe you might need to plug them directly into the machine (or into a powered hub). USB flash drives and card readers might fall in the middle, with some triggering a power warning dialog, and others not.

What else is keyboard USB port used for?

Wired mice and game controllers. USB flash drives. Perhaps also connections to powered USB hubs (though I think most people would make those connections in the back).

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