It must suck to be an Olympus user. (or, be happy you have a Pentax)

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Re: It must suck to be an Olympus user. (or, be happy you have a Pentax)

Hi Richard,

I'm an Olympus user and strangely, it doesn't suck. Not trolling, either, but you are looking at the old offering of Olympus.

Richard Murdey wrote:

I've always liked the gripless design of the E-400/410/420 camera and now they can be picked up for a song I was mulling over buying one just for kicks.

I had one and didn't like it. At all. But then I seem to have grown an allergy against DSLR anyway.

There are three prime lenses bewteen 8mm and 150mm: the 25/2.8, the 35/3.5 macro, and the 50/2 macro. That's 50, 70 and 100mm effective.

Oh, but the FourThirds system is basically dead. It's all Micro FourThirds now. Which is great. I love my E-P1. And if you check out the recent announcements, we now have the current fast primes: 12/f2, 20/f1.7, 25/f1.4 and 45/f1.8. Not bad at all !


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