Why so much Negativity? General talk

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Re: Why so much Negativity? General talk

iamphil wrote:

Wheatfield wrote:

iamphil wrote:

Have fun shooting indoors with a (super advanced latest technology) 1/2.3" sensor paired with a wide f/7.1 lens.

More ignorance. You do realize that people shot indoors for years and years with f/11 fixed focal length single element plastic lenses tied to ISO 400 or 800 grainy film?

The most popular, and biggest selling camera in the history of photography was the single use camera.

And the users seemed happy enough with the results to continue buying them by the millions.

f/8 prime lens was also very fast at one time.

WtF are your talking about show me one 'fast' f8 prime from any century you like.

How many would you be able to sell excluding to collectors?

Times change. Try selling one of those disposable cameras today. Okay you could sell the digital equivalent for $50. Now what? Think you could sell the $800 version with a mode dial? Good luck.

It's too big a premium/tax to be throwing out f/7.1 and f/8 prime lenses when everyone else is putting out fast glass on zooms for much cheaper.

Your snippy little comment has nothing to do with reality, it just shows that you have let your emotions separate you from the facts.

Nothing is wrong with my posts. If you think they are, you might want to check the sanctimonious, pedantic and condescending posts that you make regularly on this forum and others, especially some of the ones I've seen made towards newbies.

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