A fresh perspective on the new Pens

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Oh to see ourselves...

fermy wrote:

BamaPanda wrote:


Thought it would be nice to have a positive perspective on the new Pens. There has been a lot of negative feedback here, even though it is well before firmware updates plus few have actually held one in hand on this forum - even with all the negativity.

Maybe Mr. Brown is just a homer for Oly.

Today's activity of Panasonic fanboys trying to find negatives with new PENs and lenses cracks me up. Oly moves forward CDAF goalposts...yawn, who needs that? The same people that recently were citing GH2 responsiveness and AF speed as the major benefit over PENs suddenly care about jpegs more than about all this AF nonsense.

But forget the bodies. Two of the most awaited m4/3 lenses were released today and instead of excitement we have a dozen of threads trying to find something wrong in that. That for me is hard to understand unless all this activity is sponsored by Panasonic.

... as others see us!

After taking a gratuitous swipe at Panasonic fanboys you then turn into an Olympus fanboy yourself!

It eludes me why some people see everything on this forum in terms of competition between these two companies and fail to concentrate on what the m43 standards can offer to users of both manufacturers' camera bodies.

Speaking as a photographer who normally shoots with a Panasonic GH2 or GF1, I applaud what Olympus have done with the E-P3. They have raised the bar in a number of important areas, which are bound to feed back into the performance of the GH3 and GF5. This is competition working as it should do where each company tries to leapfrog the other in the new iterations of its models.

I also applaud their development of lenses such as the 12mm f2.0. I suspect that this lens will find itself on just as many Panasonic bodies as the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 did on Olympus bodies.

So please fanboys and fangirls of both persuasions, try to focus on what the overall benefits of both companies' developments are rather than drilling down to just single features! After all this is the micro four thirds forum not simply the Olympus m43 forum or the Panasonic m43 forum.

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