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Re: Fear not!

Simon Garrett wrote:

  • diminishing returns due to diffraction limits. A 24MP DX sensor is diffraction-limited at f/8. You can't get 24MP of resolution on a DX sensor beyond f/5.6. I have cheaper, lighter lenses (main one being the 16-85) which probably won't do justice to 24MP, and in any case as an f/3.5-5.6 lens, I stop down to f/8 when possible.

Not according to http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/diffraction-photography.htm - at least, not for what I want to do.

I selected max. print dimension 12" (if I change that to 15", which I personally don't want to do, then the calculator indicates diffraction limited at f/11), used the defaults for viewing distance and eyesight, and selected 24 megapixels resolution, and CF of 1.5x.

Then the calculator doesn't indicate diffraction limited until f/16 (not even at f/13).

For my shooting, getting to f/11 would be extremely rare, as I prefer to use at least 1/2500 second (I would really prefer 1/4000, but I need to compromise between freezing wing movement - I take dragonflies in flight, getting sufficient DOF, and limiting noise. 1/2500 at ISO 800 is my current usual compromise settings).

So it depends upon what your shooting requirements are. Mine are very challenging on equipment, unfortunately.

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