Do you still know how to set aperture, shutter speed?

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KennethKwok Contributing Member • Posts: 998
Do you still know how to set aperture, shutter speed?

20 years ago, I used to know,
shutter speed 1/125, film speed ASA/ISO 100

Quite bright outdoors: f/8
more bright outdoors: f/11
VERY sunny: F/16

Nowadays, it seems stupid not to take advantage of the
great quality from high ISO.
And I always auto ISO.
Now, I only select speeds as to faster than I would get camera shake,
and if I want to capture action, then, 1/500 s
aperture for depth of field control...

I have lost the skills to know what is the best
ISO, Shutter speed, aperture combination.
I couldn't say, "Ah, this lighting, and subject. Best to use
ISO 800, 1/250, f/1.4 ...."

Do you still retain that skill?

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