A2 Replaced with ... Fuji HS20?

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Thomas Karlmann
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Re: Got a Fuji HS20 now

juliest wrote:

How do you find shot to shot times? This is probably my biggest gripe about the A200; it is sooooooooooo slow. During the month or so I had the HS10 I wasn't particularly impressed with the time between shots on that either, and this is one of the reasons it was returned.

Although I too am one who said I could only work with the EVF, I have found with this new generation of cameras with the larger LCDs that I use that more and more often. Too bad the HS20's doesn't fully swivel because that truly is a fabulous feature to have.

I'll be interested to hear more in future feedback.


As I stated before, I use the LCD more & more on HS20 because it is so good -- high rez, and useful in sun too. As far as swivelling the LCD, I've never had that feature so I do not miss it at all. I would rather have the articulating EVF.

Shot times: I ran out & bought the fastest card made -- the Sandisk Extreme Pro -- 45Mb/sec. There is some delay -- a few seconds when storing one or more RAW files, but nothing I would object to. From what I have read, the HS10 was glacial compared to the HS20 -- this was a major improvement reported in many reviews.

I have just tweaked & viewed my photos -- the HS20 is one fine camera.

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