Wow, Oly wipes the floor with Panasonic!

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Re: It does seem...

SirSeth wrote:

Your right. GH2 is an upgrade, though I wasn't thinking of DSLR-like cameras. Just the compact format like the GF1. The G1, G2, G3 progression and especially the dissapointment surrounding the GF1 to GF2 seems like a dumbing down to compete with Sony NEX for the point and shoot upgrade market.

And what is wrong with adjusting for the market and having a few different versions to fit the needs of different people. I for one see the G3 as a nice upgrade to the G2 with a better size, sensor and focus speed. It's better then having a bunch of the same cameras that you put some features on one and some on another but none have everything you want. Bottom line is there is far more compromising when picking an Oly right now and they need to fix that for all our sake's as consumers.

My last camera before M4/3's was an Oly and when I bought my GF1 it was the only smaller sized M4/3's with a flash which I needed and it had much better focus times then the E-P1 had to offer.

I applaud Panasonic for offering a wide range of cameras and lenses and still keep hoping Oly will give them some competition so we have more options. I expected Oly to pass Panny with this camera and I don't even think they are keeping up. My guess is Panny will have a new GF1 style camera with everything we want long before Oly figures out the market. At least they may have finely come out with a lens that I might consider instead of all there inferior versions of a Panny lens.

In the end it's all about making money, both company's have a strategy and only time will tell who has the more profitable road map.

Love M4/3's and not an Oly hater at all, just disappointed.

Still Waiting...

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