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Re: One more point about IBIS

Marty4650 wrote:

M4/3 is also a great system for using legacy lenses. Almost like a "digital back" for all your old film lenses, or even your new DSLR lenses from any brand.

While Panasonic seems to be kicking Olympus' butt in most areas (built in EVFs, swivel screens, touch screens, built in flash, better video, GPS, etc.) there are two areas where Olympus has a big advantage:

  • the Olympus jpeg engine

  • IBIS, which works with all lenses, even Panasonic lenses

It's not really much of an advantage at all, if Panasonic cameras enjoy stops' worth of better noise control. You can just as easily mount any old lens on a Panasonic body and get better image quality than what Olympus offers. If you plan to mount legacy lenses on a m43 body, image quality is nice to have.

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