new Olympus 45mm vs Lumix 45mm

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Re: new Olympus 45mm vs Lumix 45mm

I've been using a Pentax 43mm f/1.9 Ltd with an adapter on my EPL2. It's a superb lens but less handy to use because of all manual everything (and with the adapter it's quite heavy). If the new 45/1.8 is any good at all I'll probably go for it.

There are two things however that will give me pause: corner sharpness and general rendering. The 43/1.9, being a 35mm lens with a larger image circle, is sharp right into the corners of the m43 frame. It also has a wonderful 3D rendering effect that it's famous for. It will be a tough decision if either of these is significantly inferior. I don't expect the Oly to be as sharp in the corners. A certain amount of corner softness I can tolerate, especially for portrait work. As for the rendering, just have to wait and see. But I'm optimistic and look forward to the reviews and user reports.


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