Wow, Oly wipes the floor with Panasonic!

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Re: Wow, Oly wipes the floor with Panasonic!

Jogger wrote:

theres always a leap-frogging effect with staggered product launches.. oly is riding high today, but, overall i dont think pana is downhill by any means.

the 12/2 and 45/1.8 are niche lenses.. i doubt the 45 will be any better than an adapted 50/1.8 for $60

NuFonaut wrote:

The E-P3 is what i want in M4/3

I never expected Panasonic to go downhill so fast with its models and Olympus taking the system in the right direction alone.

With bodies AND lenses!

I may think about staying with M4/3 and switching over to Olumpus.

If you add an EVF to the EP-3 it's dearer than a GH2.

EP-3 looks great and much more desirable than Panasonic's GF2/3 IMO, but Panasonic's offering are still excellent. Oly has only now matched the AF performance of Panasonic after several years.

I'm still leaning toward a G3, as I cannot stand cameras without an EVF; composing by the rear LCD is a woeful experience outdoors. Still if the IQ of the EP-3 is better than G3 in RAW and street price is $799 I still may consider this. Any talk of a replacement for the VF2?

EPL-3 seems to have made the fatal mistake of not offering a built-in flash, so you can't have flash and EVF together.

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