Whats up with ISO buttons?

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Whats up with ISO buttons?

Nikon and Olympus, both camera companies with years of experience, seem to think I don't need direct access to ISO anymore.


After shutter speed, aperture and EV comp, this is the setting I am most likely to need to change. How come on the new Oly, I can't even make it an option for F1 and F2 whereas on the D5100 I have to reprogram another button that I have to fumble around for on the front of the camera.

Instead I get stuff I hardly ever change like flash settings, or AF points. For that matter, who needs a mode dial anymore (how often does one actually change modes?).

But I change ISO all the time.

At least Pentax seem to understand that ISO is now simply a third exposure parameter. Why have Olympus and Nikon forgotten that?

If I had a choice now for a large sensor compact camera it would have to be a G3. Here we have a non-camera company that makes a better user interface than two old camera companies.

And from what I can see of the new Oly's IQ, Panasonic have them there as well.

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