Wow, Oly wipes the floor with Panasonic!

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Re: I wish I could agree....

technic wrote:

amtberg wrote:

The new AF doesn't seem to have lived up to the pre-release hype.

DPR: "And it's not just the impressive AF speed that makes the E-P3 feel much more responsive than previous PENs - the dual core processor means image processing and live view can be run in parallel, decreasing the blackout time after each shot. This, combined with a responsive shutter mechanism gives an impression of immediacy every time you hit the shutter button."

I was actually basing my comments on a couple of things. One of them was a youtube video where the reviewer was attempting to demonstrate how awesome the AF was. Only problem was that the camera obviously missed focus about half the time. Another was a hands-on review where the reviewer stated that the AF was indeed fast ... sometimes. And other times, especially in low light, AF would just rack back and forth and then stop in a completely unfocused state.

And this from Digital Camera Review:

"The new "FAST AF" system is indeed faster than the previous generation E-PL2, and it is generally reliable, but we did encounter a problem that suggests there is an issue with auto focus on the new E-P3. When we put our E-P3 into single point AF mode we discovered a possible firmware glitch or issue with our particular review unit where the E-P3 gave an AF confirmation beep even when nothing was in focus where the single point AF was set. We were able to repeat this problem numerous times in the field and in lab tests."

The new LCD (OLED) isn't very good in sunlight

DPR: "A special mention has to be given to the new OLED screen, which at 614,000 dots is leaps and bounds beyond any previous PEN. It's bright, sharp and colourful with anti-reflective ... But most importantly, from our initial experience it's entirely usable in bright light, even with strong summer sun shining directly on to it."

I'd rather trust DPReview than someone who (I assume) has not even handled the camera.

From Digital Camera Review's full review: "We measured the LCD's peak brightness at 381 nits, which is noticeably less bright than the 575 nits of the E-PL2, but keep in mind that the E-P3 has a touch screen and those are usually dimmer than standard LCDs. Unfortunately, this might make the screen a little hard to see under bright sunlight an force you to use a viewfinder."

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