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Isabel Cutler
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"Could not use history brush"

You haven't mentioned using layers and I wonder if that is part of my problem...this is such an attractive treatment that I'm determined to figure it out!

Can anyone tell me why I'm getting the message when I try to use the history brush..."Could not use history brush because the current canvas size does not match that of the history state". I haven't changed the canvas size.

Lisa Neal wrote:

Its been a long, long time since I've posted anything here. I
thought I would post this photo to show what I've been up to.
Child portraiture has taken over my time. I've learned so much
here -- just want to let everyone know how much I've appreciated
the help along the way.

My clients love this technique I learned from a fellow photog in
another forum (Alycia):

Convert the image to b/w using DigiDaan's b/w conversion channels.
Adjust curves to brighten the photo.
Adjust the brightness and contrast just a bit.
Make a snapshot of the image.
Apply unsharpen mask at 500 and make a snapshot of that too.
Use the sharpened version as the histroy brush snapshot then go
back to the unsharpened version and brush in 50-75% opacity into
the eyes and lips to bring them out.
Use the dodge tool set at about 300 size and 100% opacity to create
a vignette all around the top and bottom.
Lower the opacity to about 50% and do a light over the hair,
especially if it is dark.
Adjust the brightness or curves if still not light enough.
Filter -> Texture -> softgrain 15-20 at 50% contrast.

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