Any Android Tablet users?

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Any Android Tablet users?

I've been thinking about buying a new laptop or netbook.

Currently, I use a little Eee PC 900 16G netbook from time to time when on the road (for checking forum posts, e-mail, etc.) . But, I've had it for a few years now, and it's seen it's better days. For example, the SSD in it failed a while back, so I'm running a LInux distro from an SDHC card now. The battery life is starting to degrade, too (not as much online time between charges anymore)..

Given that Android 3.x is geared towards tablets with larger displays, I'm wondering if something like an Eee Pad Transformer may be a better way to go instead of getting another netbook or laptop to replace my Eee PC 900 16G.

I just got my wife and I some phones running Android (2.2 Froyo), and started looking into the "nuts and bolts" of Android. For example, I "rooted" my phone using a popular exploit, modified some files, installed some utilities and more. Android uses a Linux kernel "under the covers", so it's pretty easy for me to pick up on (since I use Linux on my desktop most of the time).

There are several new Tablets out now that have virtually the same specs.

For example,, both the Motorola Xoom and Eee Pad Transformer use the same CPU and chipset (1Ghz Dual Core Nvidia Tegra II), and have the same amount of RAM (1GB DDR2), and same display specs (10.1" 1280x800 LED Backlit IPS Capacitive Touchscreen).

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is just less expensive.. has the Wi-Fi version with 16GB internal flash storage for $399 right now; or the 32GB version for $499 (and the 32GB Xoom is a higher priced $589). The Galaxy Tab is also higher when compared to the Eee Pad Transformer, and it's also got the same Nvidia chipset and screen size.. IOW, it looks like the Asus has the best "bang for the buck" from what I can tell.

You can also get an optional keyboard/docking station for Eee Pad Transformer that turns it into a notebook (it closes just like one), hence the transformer name. It also extends battery life to 16 hours, and appears to sell for $149 at vendors that have it in stock. Scroll down on this page and you'll see more about it:

So, I'd probably lean towards that model if I go that route (and a WiFi only model is fine, as I could connect to the net via my phone if I'm somewhere without WiFi around and need to get online)..

Is anyone here using a Tablet with Android on it yet, and if so, what do you think of it? Are you using Android 3.x on it?

Basically, I just use a little netbook for checking forum posts and e-mail when on the road; So, a Tablet running Android would probably do the trick for me. It looks like they're going to become more and more popular as time passes.

I sure wish the display on my new phone was 10.1" (the size of the display on some of the new Android Tablets coming out now). . LOL

Please remind me to try out phones before I order them, as the display size on the phones I just bought is way too small to easily use for some things (especially trying to use the tiny Android virtual keyboard for typing anything much).

But, I suspect a larger tablet with a 10.1" display would probably work OK.

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