Wow, Oly wipes the floor with Panasonic!

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Re: Wow, Oly wipes the floor with Panasonic!

technic wrote:

NuFonaut wrote:

If Panasonic brought out a GF1 with the sensor of the G3 that would be the camera to beat for me but they don't. They just bring out one "smaller this and that" NEX competitor after the other.

speaking about NEX competitor, why is there a tilt-LCD (with lower resolution) on the E-PL3 but no tilt-LCD on the top model E-P3?

Could very well be that it is not a technically difficult nor too expensive thing to put on what is I'm sure a better-selling model... so it's a good selling point. There's little doubt the 'main' E-P models are really quite expensive..and equally the E-PL's are a very good camera which I know a lot of people think and speak highly of.. and who probably in most cases would NOT buy the full E-P model because of its cost now.

Commercial aspects have to come into play.. more than ever in these present difficult times.. and I bet this has kept Oly going well, over the last year or so.

I cannot help but have a few silent laughs at the big number of people who seem to have lost sight of what the M4/3 system is about.. if you start offering what is a quite expensive body , then get a lot of people craving over a big big range of lenses..and expensive they are, if good.. you're very soon getting way beyond even the lower but good level entry dSLR's in cost ....what can any manufacturer then gain, if you satisfy a lot of the in-between level users ..but just lose a lot of the entry dSLR buyers or potential buyers ??. It's GOT to be held in balance however they can, or we'll all lose out.

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