Wow, Oly wipes the floor with Panasonic!

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Re: Does Panasonic still have "inferior" skin tones in jpegs?

photo perzon wrote:

All reviews criticize Panasonic for having sub-optimal skin tones in jpegs. Olympus is praised in that regard.

To me, skin tones in jpegs is the most important part of a camera. By far. Nothing like sickly yellow family pictures from your $ 1000 4/3rds camera.

RAW must be used by 1% of camera users maybe 2%.

Color of course is a very, very difficult area to argue about, since it is probably the one thing that affects us ALL in photography and probably the one thing above all that everybody is likely to "see" in a different way - simply because none of us will have the quite same eyesight to color viewing than another person.. so what is excellent tone to one , is very likely if not certainly totally different to another.

I read a lot on here about skin tones and like things - remember not so long ago (it now seems to have been overshadowed somewhat by the likes of Oly/Panny comparisons).. but "Canon colors" used to be the said thing...

The whole point is that on what few but sufficient comparisons I've been able to see..using Canon, Oly AND Panasonic cameras still , in recent years, is that most if not all the latest models I've actualy got and use, all of them do allow somewhere in Menu for subtle and important color changes , so isn't that a good place to start, before criticising makers (either/any) on how their camera produces color... and it IS even then a case of how any one person sees it as compared to another.. with likely quite different eyesigfht to color appearances.

It's just not as simple as it is often made out to be - comparing color differences.

You can change the CAMERA output in many ways but you cannot change each PERSONs view of it...

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