Wow, Oly wipes the floor with Panasonic!

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Re: Did they? did you check the g3 samples vs EP3?

pocketpygmy wrote:

Melbourne Park wrote:

As to the EVF, I too wanted one, but I am thinking it may not be worth the extra bulk. I also suspect the hand grip will allow an EVF to be attached. Or at least a third party one. But the OLED display is said - by the Malaysion reviewer guy - to be great in bright sunlight. If it is, who needs a viewfinder?

people who like to stabilize the camera against their face

That may be true in some instances.. but it can be said that if you cannot take/get a good shot regularly with the LCD view and "normal" (accepted) hold..then the question has to be asked - should you really be using regularly this type of camera..or would you be better off with a conventional dSLR smaller body camera .. ??

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