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I perfectly understand trying to anticipate a future need but I would suggest that unless you actually own some heavy artillery you might find the TVC-33 overkill for the lenses you currently own. I've been using a TVC-33 with a BH-55 ballhead for about a year now. I shoot a 5DII and my biggest lens is a 300 2.8. I put this setup together with the assumption that I would upgrade at some point to a 500mm lens and would want something that could handle that with aplomb. That hasn't happened yet and I find that when shooting macro, hiking, or travelling I wish I had something lighter and more compact.
I'm starting to look around for something that isn't quite so heavy-duty.

FYI an acquaintance of mine who shoots with a Nikon 600mm on a Gitzo tripod with a Wimberley, switched to a TVC-33, and then BACK to his Gitzo. He says that he got more vibration from the RRS tripod than from his Gitzo. His only explanation was that perhaps it was due to the lighter weight. Anyhow, I've been very pleased with mine but will probably pull the plug for something better suited for my current needs.

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