SD1 full size disillusion (landscapes, nature)

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The main problem with Sigma SD1...

The main problem with SD1, is that it has many of the same problems of the current generation sensor and adding a few more. Some of which may be down to processing bugs, but many are hardware related as far as I can say, judging by the many sample which appear on the internet (and by my experience shooting with various cameras).

Here is a short list of, as I can see them:

1. Posterization and magenta cast in the shadow areas (may be it is a bug in noise reduction system and WB processing, but I see it in almost every sample, even these from Olga. Mainly on her portrait images, in the shadow on the models neck - even with these web sized photos).

2. Green-magenta blotches in shadows and areas of very fine detail where the default noise reduction has some trouble to clean them is still very present.

3. Vertical banding in many of the samples and RAW files I've seen, which is apparent even if slightly pushed in post (even on low ISOs 100/200).
4. Discoloration - faded colors on high iso (if ISO 800 maybe considered high).

5. Some faint traces of noise and noise reduction even in ISO 100 images (it is barely visible though) even with noise reduction "turned off" in SPP5.

6. Very high default sharpening in SPP5 is responsible for oversharpened images with very little foveonish feel.

7. Very slow processing and write times in camera (judging by the many complaints).
8. Inability to make long exposures (for night landscapes).

All this and the ridiculous price, will put many users off with this camera even if it has potential. Sorry but these just aren't images from 10,000$ camera, you have to realize this, even if it is hard (because of the expectations every one here had). And you can't call it's shortcomings and brutally cut off camera body a "feature". It is not. Basic camera body without any feature it's competition has, even something so valuable such as well implemented live view is not "artistic camera". The man behind the camera is the artist. A true talented photographer will make beautiful images regardless of the camera. But cameras are designed to make life a little easier, not harder. Why you have to adapt to this very basic camera body, when every other manufacturer has better featured body with very comparable quality for 1/3-th of the price, which you don't have to constantly fight to make useable results? Why?

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