Bloggie 3D - Is it just me?

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Bloggie 3D - Is it just me?

I bought this thinking it would be a cool addition to my 3DTV. Sure I have Real cameras for 2D stuff, but I think 3D really adds another exciting element to photo taking.

1st the good stuff: Equipped with a decent miniHDMI to HDMI cable and plugged directly into my 3DTV, the images and videos look awesome, well at least for the price point and what it is. I was impressed.

Take a picture of a tree branch or other object head on where it ENTERS the image and prepare yourself - I was able to place object 4-5' in front of my TV!! Imagine something floating in your living room in front of your tv. Pretty cool stuff.

I like the display on the back - mostly. Sadly Sony overlays a menu on each and every photo and video for the 1st seemingly 10-20 seconds. There is no way to disable it or turn it off.

There is a 3D effect adjustment buried in the menus, I'd like to see it on top and PER IMAGE, not global like it seems to be now. There is NO zoom when viewing ether.

I had the best luck attaching the camera to my PS3. Images looked awesome with a quick free app download from the Sony store. However it amazes me that the PS3 is unable to play any of the videos captured with the Bloggie. Odd.

Next came the attachment of the camera to a computer. Simple enough. So it seemed. Here's where things go a bit more south.

1st the photos get tossed off in now where land on the computer. Had to do a search to find where Sony was dumping them. The bloggie software is fairly useless. Moving a video to YOUTUBE and waiting for the painfully slow conversion the end result showed a 240 resolution video. Yuck! Information gathered from different forums mention that there are 'attributes' that need to be added to the video to show in full HD. Odd that Sony does not do it right out of the box.

I then attempted to upload a image or two to my Flickr account. Here it went real bad. After logging in and authorizing Bloggie's access, I get stuck in a endless login/crash/authorize/crash loop. The bloggie software does not understand that people may have different account names for the different services. I went back to YOUTUBE and it was attempting to use my flickr name and password. I never was able to upload to youtube again using the bloggie software.

At the end of the day, this little gizmo is able to make some interesting 3D images and videos. However, for a device that is intended on being used for 'sharing', their is not ANY sharing available, unless of course people are in your living room and you have your bloggie attached to tv with HDMI.

No color correction, no depth adjustment and no trimming/editinig.The software is worthless, useless and not worth installing. A PS3 can't play the videos. No sharing.

As a "social device" this one is a complete failure.

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