SD1 full size disillusion (landscapes, nature)

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Sandy and Kndall are correct

I have called for people not to make general, especially negative, judgments of the SD1 (or any camera) until we had a great number of images from different people using the camera in different conditions. To make a general negative judgment you need to be able to show a problem seen in one image is a serious limitation that occurs in enough images to suggest the limitation is inherent to the camera. (Kendall is correct, however, that even one image can indicate something that a camera can do well).

As Sandy points out, the problem is the SD1 is in the hands of so few people that we do not have the range of images we quickly had with all the other Sigma cameras. So we have too few images to see the full range of what the SD1 can do under a lot of different conditions

The problem is we have had, from the first Sigma camera, people finding some problem in an image or a small series of images and saying the camera is terrible.

As Kendall points out, the problem is that if poorly supported negative judgments are not challenged they unfairly hurt both Sigma and all those who, given their interests as photographers, might find the SD1 (or any other camera) a great camera for their purposes as photographers. Negative judgments, even without adequate evidence behind them, take on credibility all too easily, since most people do not have the time to check things out themselves.

I hope Kendall someday is able to get back to spending more of his time taking pictures than correcting such unfair judgments!


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