C-730 going in for repair - sample photos - poor quality - opinions please

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PM "process" details

warmed up the camera taking a number of pictures for about 15 minutes

Zoomed the camera in to the subject in low light conditions indoors(figuring that if the camera was doing the processing on something that covered more of the frame that it would be able to work better. Not sure if it helped or not really, just my thoughts on it.), went into the menu and executed PM.

turned camera off (a must do between each pixel mapping. Doing a second one under the same power on won't have any effect.)

took out the card and uploaded the image to view

looked at the image at 1:1 to see how the noise levels were (after doing a second one, I would leave the better result open to compare with the next result and close the other. I eventually got to the point where it wasn't getting any better and stopped when I got the equivalent of the best one once again)

repeated the process (minus warm up) until I got the best results.

Took a good dozen times or so total before I got the best results.....

wdwms wrote:

Thanks for the shots! they definately look better than what i'm
getting. So far i've tried:
Pixel Mapping - 3-4 times (anything special to do? or just select
it and go?)
Resetting on camera turning off - didn't do a thing
Leaving batteries out for 24 hours - still poor image quality, but
it fixed the problem w/the buttons.

sigh ..

So much time and $ invested, and so annoying to have to send it back..


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