7D Lens Recommendation?

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Re: 7D Lens Recommendation?

This ain't going to be cheap for you, especially since you're demanding for such a large range... You're going to have to throw in a lot of money if you demand such exquisite quality... max range zooms like the Tamron 18-270mm may be convenient, but factors like distortion, sharpness, C-abberations will be severely high in these "convenient lenses"

Most I think you're going to be lugging about 3 lenses in total. unless you're looking at primes then it probably steeps up more.

As for the Body decision, I would take the 7D. More robust & strong, ergonomics are good and the layout of the buttons are more organized then the earlier models lower then 60D and below... Personally this is my preference but it all comes down to how YOU use it well to its potential.

(add on): with the 60D you basically lose the faster FPS rate, the more robust + sturdy body (magnesium) of the 7D, because it has been downgraded from the 50D in terms of build quality (it's more of plastic/polycarbonate framing only). again my personal preference, i'd like something more robust and tough in my hands when doing photography...

Overall it's what you really want to do with your camera... Since you have such a large range you're most likely going to pick an all-rounder lens IF budget is a big issue in your case, if not the combo above should do you well...

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