Do Cameras get better with time?

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Re: Do Cameras get better with time?

TXforester wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Actually no, cameras don't get better, they only get worse as other, and better models are released.

Cameras may get worse as they wear out. An old film camera may not hold the film flat and need repairs. Sensors may have photosites (correct term ???) go bad.

However, cameras don't get worse when new models are released. An old camera in good working condition takes just as good an image as the day it was bought. Your assertion that they get worse has nothing to do with the camera. It has to do with the person changing his/her standards (criteria for making a judgement).

Well, I should have marked somehow that I meant sarcastically. Of course cameras don't get worse (assuming it is in working order), but as new models are introduced the new models are generally better, so relatively you might feel that your older camera gets worse (sort of).

One thing is though sure, no cameras get better by the time. You can improve but not your camera. Storing a camera in a cellar is not the same as storing wine in a wine cellar; age will not improve your camera but might improve your wine.

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