What attracted you to Olympus DSLRs?

Started Sep 17, 2010 | Discussions thread
d3xmeister Senior Member • Posts: 2,610
Re: It was simple back then
  • ergonomy. The E-520 I started with had direct buttons for everything, and you could change settings just by looking trough the VF. The Super Panel was awesome too. This design is still ages ahead of any entry level from Nikon and others today. The E-520 was a joy to use, while other cameras were just pain, with non-existent ergonomy ?

  • colors. Yes you can get great colors with any camera but why bother with others when you can buy a camera with superb looking colors in jpeg or raw straight out of the box ?

  • lenses. Manual autofocus override, no rotating front element, no hunting from focus to infinity and unbelievable optical performance. Again, ages ahead of others even today.

  • 4/3 ratio.

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