Kiwifotos 67mm filter adapter for HX100V

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Kiwifotos 67mm filter adapter for HX100V

Stephen McDonald found this lens adapter from Kiwifotos.
It's for the HX100V.

It's mounted outside the lens, attached to the manual ring and tightened with two screws.

It's made of two pieces, the one attached to the ring, and and extension for zooming.

Using the full adapter, causes vignetting when wide zoom.
Using only the back part of the adapter doesn't let you zoom.

This is the description from the site:

The KIWIFOTOS LA-67Z990T Lens Adapter is a two piece adapter(back component & front component) made of black anodized aluminium. The lens adapter provides 67mm filter mount for adding effects filters or other lens accessories to the Kodak EASYSHARE MAX Z990 Digital Camera. With the back component of the adapter users can add a 67mm filter to improve picture quality at the widest zoom and it will not cause vignetting. In this case lens full zoom function is not applicable.Screw both parts together and add a 67mm filter for macro/close up shotting, however, it may cause vignetting. The lens adapter will protect your camera lens when the lens is extended.

Possible drawbacks:

  • What happens if you forget that there's only the back part mounted and you decide to zoom?

  • Would the screws damage the manual ring? Putting a resistant plastic film would avoid it?

And the newbie photographer question:
What are the 67mm filters good for? Polarizers? DN? CloseUp?

And finally the link to the manufacturer's web

And to ebay seller

Only 24 bucks, Free Shipping.

PS: I'm not involved in any way with the manufacturer not the seller...

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