SD1 full size disillusion (landscapes, nature)

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Utter misunderstanding on your part

petr marek wrote:

It´s kind of you.
My SD1 little experience can start!

And it couldn't with all of the other RAW files floating around? Curious that it only starts when you can find the oldest possible RAW images from PREPRODUCTION hardware.

First I had to change national settings in Windows 7 to UK to load image in SPP 5, otherwise SPP crashes while loading image - interesting bug - Sigma just rules!

And that was not a sign to you that possibly - just possibly - the files were so old that the results you got would not be trustworthy for any judgement? Of course not, forge ahead! After all, you knew the destination you sought and these would do just perfectly to reach it!

The fact that loupe didn´t work at all and SPP sucks is minor to image quality for so much money...

The fact you don't even know how to use SPP with SD-1 images speaks volumes.

I wish everyone, who blames weak image quality to preproduction software, wrong colorspace, gods, bad weather or whatever to try develop these raw files!
Some highlights:

Aha! Nirvana attained, you at last had your Great White Whale, color splotches in shadows.

All the while, ignoring the fact that preproduction is not just processing software, but far more a matter of hardware and firmware...

Live in your fantasy of gloom if you will, but the rest of us have production camera RAW images from people like Carl which show just exactly how accurate your purposeful and hatefully mangled assessment is.

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