SPP5 Colorspace Bug Fixed! - Maybe... Need Testers

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SPP5 Colorspace Bug Fixed! - Maybe... Need Testers

OK guys,

This is not for the faint of heart noobs, but it's not really all that difficult either.

However, a disclaimer is in order: If you try this do not blame me if you screw up your system - You have been warned!

First off, I believe there is a problem on both Mac and Windows. I thought Windows was working but it's not.

I was looking in the wrong place. The output conversions are working, it's the input conversion that is messed up.

What controls the input conversion? The "ICCProfile_X3F.icc" file would be the obvious choice. It lives in the "ICCProfile" dirctory inside the program directory. This would be the "SIGMA Photo Pro 5" directory on Windows machines.

If you open this file with "Profile Inspector" you will find that it is merely the "AdobeRGB1998.icc" profile renamed. This of course makes no sense. AdobeRGB is too small a profile for input if you are going to allow output to ProPhoto.

I think they meant for the base input rendering to be ProPhotoRGB. Which would mean you need to duplicate the "ICCProfile_ROMMRGB.icc" file and rename it to "ICCProfile_X3F.icc" replacing the AdobeRGB1998 version. (Backup the original file first of course).

Presto! the problems are fixed - I think!?

This of course implies many possibilites, some of which I have explored ;).

For example what if the profiles Sigma supplied are not optimal? Other Manufacturers have released their own versions of common profiles that are subtly different from their common counterparts.

Anyway, if you are brave and understand what you are doing, try this and see if it works for you, especially Mac users.


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