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Re: I have had a D3, D300s and a D7000

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I now have only the D7000. I love the ergonomics, the quiet shutter, the 14 bit high speed shooting, the better IQ, most of all the weight. The build is outstanding. I have had no oil, no back focus. The AF is quick and accurate. I miss the larger buffer occasionally, and the low light capability of the D3, but no longer shoot weddings, so don't really need it. Would I trade it back for a D300? Never. Would I for a D400? Possibly, but that is going to be a close to 2000.00 camera, probably buy a D700 id I was going to spend that much.

I honestly think Nikon nailed the D7k, best cropped sensor camera available today imo.

+1, using D7000 next to my D700 and I had D300 and D300s. TMHO D7000 is a way better camera than D300(s)

I am not saying I don't believe you, but what makes you say the D7000 is better than the D300s? The images in the link below are definitely no proof of that statement.

D300 had the sensor I disliked the most of any DSLR I was using. OOCamera images were flat, poor DR and it D300 showed more than any DX cam noise at low iso in backgrounds and skies. This was also stated in the Dpreview D300 review.
I had S5pro and D300 at the same time and I prefered S5pro by far.

AF is great, also in lowlight:

That's possible too, but there is nothing below which is taken in low light. That underexposed image does not count and in any case, low light is almost never a problem, low contrast on the other hand is more problem for any camera. That's when most of them fail, but so far not my D300s.

I don’t know why you guys take it so hard and try to defend the D7000 from every angle, even where no one has attacked it from. If it is fine and better than anything you have had before than be happy and use it.

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I prefer one really good picture in a day over 10 bad ones in a second...

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