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Re: I have had a D3, D300s and a D7000

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

The front of the bird's left foot is oof. The front of the right is also oof from the other direction. In other words, the focus plane is right through the eye, as intended and shown by the little red square in ViewNX. Now, if this isn't as clear as could be expected at ISO 100, that's beyond any reasonable expectation.

Download the original for a better look. The eye is as nailed as it's going to get with that lens at that f stop at that ISO and that level of NR.

Actually, looking at the original it is even more obvious. The birds left eye is fuzzy, just like the feather behind the eye, the back of her head. The focus is better on the left foot, but best is the left side of the bird. This is not a NR issue, I think it is a missed focus thing.

BTW, the red square is not an indication of where the focus actually is but an indication of where it supposed to be, which AF point was used. You can always focus and recompose and in that case the red square can be pretty obviously (and deliberately) wrong. Also, I am not sure how it is with the D7000, but in case of the D300s, if you have the 9 point AF selected only one red square is shown and it might not be the one used, but the center point of the 9 points.

Couldn't have made anything like this with my D90, not even close.

That's possible and I am pretty convinced that the D7k is a better camera than the D90. I have zero experience (not even shop test) with the D90. Never held one in my hands.

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