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Re: I dunno what D3x Nikon sample you are looking at but...

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

the one I saw had plenty of detail…

So have the SD-1 images, the D3X samples has detail that was all over the place.

The big question: why Sigma doesn't replace their entire pre release gallery with the real thing already.  It works against them for obvious reasons.

Except the d3x images don't have the glaring issues the current Sigma gallery do. And no, not all the shots in the current Sigma gallery are full of detail, in fact quite the opposite.

And quite frankly Kendall I don't know why's going on with you on this. Go ahead an compare full size the sample images from Sigma and compare them with the new ones from Carl and tell me they are at the level of quality particularly that people expected.  This denialist attitude doesn't help Sigma and certainly not your credibility

I even begin to wonder of you even have the skills to do such an assessment, some of the shots I have seen from you suggest you might.

Ask Nikon why they leave their own pre-release gallery up.

Let's say they do. So what's the wining case here? Let's do as nikon did? Is this the excuse?  Shouldn't  Sigma try to out do them with something as trivial and simple as posting new firmware final shots?

I am sorry but only someone behaving like a complete moron would think this is a winning case

Really the answer is once cameras start shipping you get real images from all over.

That's the stillness reason I have ears in a very very long time. As a company you have an image to protect and you don't leave  to amateurs to do it.  Honestly if this how Sigma thinks is no wonder they will never hit mainstream.

It's beyond comprehension.

Odd, I find it easily understood, as does Nikon.

No I think you made a very idiotic argument. One very easily disproven and I hope Sigma is smarter than this

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