Serious Editing on a MacBookPro

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Re: Am I the only person

ADunham wrote:

BUT, I am not a professional, just someone who wants decent pictures of the kids and a decent chance of editing so that prints from MPix, WHCC and the like will come out looking like the screen.

If it helps, while MacBook Pro screens cannot compared to a desktop, MacBook Pros and their screens are good enough for the pros. Here's a writeup of MacBook Pro screens from a pro point of view. The article's getting old, but the screen type hasn't changed much since then.

Perhaps "serious" was the wrong word to use, as "accurate" is more what I'm after.

A MacBook Pro screen will be accurate if properly calibrated as described in the article above. However, it won't cover as many colors as a desktop monitor, and it might not be as precise. But you can get good work done on it until you can save up for a nice monitor to plug into it.

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