Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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I found the blackout comparison

olyflyer wrote:

PhillyFotog wrote:

Religion vs empiricism.

Did you actually measure the D7000 mirror blackout time or not? If not than you are just as much of a believer as anyone else here. If yes you should be able to give us the times or to point to a source. Until then, your "empirical" test is not very much worth.

Well, to put this argument to rest, and after some diligent research on my part, it does appear that the D7000 would have noticeably shorter blackout time than the D300. First, we know that the D300 has 100 milliseconds blackout time according to the review of that camera at Imaging Resource; second, I tracked down the mirror blackout time for the D700 here: ; finally, there is this video: that shows that the D7000 and D700 appear to have the same mirror blackout time. At a difference of 33% I would say it is likely to be noticeable, and I wonder why it hasn't been brought up in comparisons between the D700 and D300 (which also makes me wonder if the D300s is any different from the D300 in this regard).

There, don't let it be said that I'm not willing to admit when I am wrong, and that I am even willing to go the extra mile to prove or disprove what I have said.

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