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Here is a post I found which might lend some shared observation of what I've been attempting to convey, here....

by peterzheng_real from yahootechgroups... Feb 14 2011

feel the mirror system between the d7000 and d300s

yesterday I tried a comparison of the mirror-oscillation between the d7000 and
d300s, there a little surprise is that the d7000's mirror-oscillation is even
slightly lower. We know that the d300s was having low mirror-oscillation ---- a
good grade, but the d7000's mirror-oscillation is lower than the d300s.

apparently, Nikon has much of the new design and development on the d7000,
including the mirror system. It is really a new mirror system in the d7000,
which is not a 5.3 fps motor to rotate speed up 7 fps.

Please put your left hand gently on the top of body, and then right hand presses
the shutter-button, sets the shutter time 1s or longer, you need to note the
mirror up of a slap, not the mirror sits down moment.

for the d7000, trying 3 states:
1. S mode, 2. Q mode (quiet), 3. Mup mode (mirror up). In this test, you did not
need to open the menu to set the delay mode. the S, Q, and Mup mode dial is in
left hand, very easy to operate.

in Mup mode, first time presses the shutter-button to lock up the mirror, second
time presses the shutter-button to open the shutter. In the shutter time 1s or
longer, you are able to distinguish the mirror goes up or sit down.

d7000's Q mode provided very low oscillation as the mirror system, and that the
sound is also lower, gentle, very excellent.

about the daily shoot in d7000, I think that the S mode is suited to some active
objects, but the Q mode has the wide usability.

the d7000 is really worth buying. Currently Nikon still continued to clear up
the stockpile of d90. Secondly Nikon needs the d5000 successor to play on the
stage before May in this year, thus the d7000's shipment expansion might be
later than April.

if you have the linear accelerometer, you could measure the DSLR cameras in
mirror-oscillation. In Japan, a laboratory had once released the related
technology to measure the blurry pixels of mirror-oscillation, this is a better
way, also able to measure a tripod.

Also, you cannot expect DPR or IR to measure the mirror-oscillation, their
testing shot in the mirror pre-up mode. They do not measure the
mirror-oscillation. However, it is a very important item of the imaging quality
of the DSLR camera.

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