Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Honestly

Well I don't have the D700 to compare, but I find it easy to believe. But I do have the D300, so I'll trust my own shooting experience over your assumptions.

agc1976 wrote:

PhillyFotog wrote:

the D7000 did a better job of focusing than the D300 when I switched bodies. I expected the opposite, intending to use a smaller faster lens on the D7000 for that reason. Nope. So I put the 28-70 on the D300.

Try focusing in very low light with the D7000

Twice this week I've gone out shooting at night with a colleague that owns a D7000 and I had to literally use the flashlight app of my iphone 4 to help him acquire focus. Meanwhile I snap into focus in less than a second with my D700, no AF assist at all. Yes, D700 is better than D300 also but the different is supposed to be small.

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