Nec MultiSync PA271W for CMYK work

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Re: Nec MultiSync PA271W for CMYK work

Thanks for your reply.

The output is out of my control. I work for advertising agencies, freelance. They want a certain illustration in CMYK and I make it. When finished it is send to them and they put it in their design and so on.

WineO wrote:

CMYK is a device dependent colour space so that you will probably have some adjusting of your own visual interpretation to do when first using your new Monitor. It depends on what RGB colour space you use as to where if anywhere the CMYK gamut overlaps. Usually in the Blue and to a lesser extent the Red area. It would also depend on what your output device is - if it is Litho Printing I would use a wide colour gamut as the colours you get on your computer will be your monitors interpretation of the CMYK numbers. You will then have to experiment to see how these match what your Litho Printer can produce.

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