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Good energy, bad source.

commiebiker wrote:

Having said that, I love the energy and passion that has been on display here over the last few weeks.

It's called frustration.

These guys have been wronged in every conceivable way by Sigma and, understandably, their venting is an energetic one.

...It now seems that, after having prepared the emotional grounds in the worst way possible, by letting users expect a certain product at a promised price point and then slamming an egregious higher price tag on it, Sigma is going for the " Hall of Fame of Incredibly Stupid Commercial Fiascos " by launching a sub-performing product.

..The sad, sad thing is that there are actually users who feel it is warranted to reward this appalling " corporate behavior7" by eagerly rushing to the bank, withdraw their money and give it to Sigma, just because they can.


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