D7000 for video

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Re: D7000 for video

100% agreed. For now I'm using prime lenses with an aperture ring to get around the aperture issue. Works very well.

And as for the "buy a video camera" remark from an eariler reply; how many times do we have to go through this? There are advantages using a DSLR over a dedicated camcorder. Larger chip (shallow DoF if needed), interchangeable lenses etc. Ergonomics-wise it's not ideal, but nothing comes close picture wise (from a cinematic point of view) for the price . Sure, not for the casual shooter etc, but has its well-deserved place. The OP makes very valid observations that are shared by quite a few folks.

ASD wrote:

I bought the D7000 for a 2nd backup to my D700 in case one is in for repair like it is now. I like the still it creates. For the video part, I am playing around as this camera was my pick for doing some video. There are 2 things I hope Nikon will do a firmware upgrade for. 1 is to show exposure in live view and to enable the use of adjusting aperture while recording. They have made several DSLR's with video and to my knowledge none of them has this feature. I was surprised that the new 5100 didn't even have it , and it just got released. I have been Nikon through and through and won't go to the Canon camp, just wish they put these features in these cameras. Any thoughts.

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