Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Honestly

PhillyFotog wrote:

Shutter lag is unrelated to blackout time.

They are related, part of the blackout time is the shutter lag. Since the D7000 shutter lag is 5 milliseconds slower, for it to have less blackout time it will have to have a mirror that moves that much faster and then some.

As is resolution.

I never equated the two.

Two separate issues and both utterly unrelated to VF blackout interval due to mirror.

Mirror vibration is related to resolution, which I did allude to. If the mirror moves faster, it will need more dampening not to effect resolution when not using MLU, especially at intermediate shutter speeds (on the D200 I found that to be up to 1/250s, and on the D300 it is about 1/200s).

You continue to doubt what I, having both cameras, find simple to observe.

Yes, I strongly doubt you can observe 5 or even 10 milliseconds. All I ask for is some measured verification of your observations; so far, none has been offered.

BTW, I never suggested it had a practical relevance. Straw man.

Well, an actual and "noticeable" difference in mirror blackout time and shutter lag would have some practical relevance. The mirror goes up, then the shutter actuates, and any lag there would make one camera less responsive than the other. That is implicit in what you said since you said the difference between the D7000 and D300 is "noticeable." From the actual numbers I got from Imaging Resource, if you shoot the two cameras side-by-side at the exact same time, the D300 will get the shot 5 milliseconds sooner than the D7000 will get it.

I'm just asking some questions and I'm not convinced by your answers -- please don't take it personally.

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