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Re: Are you serious?

Throwing my two cents in. I have an SD1 for testing now. For Sigma's sake, I hope my camera is defective, otherwise Sigma is in big trouble. I have compared it to a Nikon D7000 and the Nikon is a better camera! Sigma needs to perfect this camera before bringing it out, especially if they want to charge such a high price.

Problem areas: white balance problems, color casting and inaccurate color, poor high ISO performance, focusing screen is coarse and somewhat dim making it difficult to get sharp focus, auto focus not reliable, slow operation, shutter not as smooth as Nikon's and body not as rigid = hard to get sharp images at slower shutter speeds (

I think Sigma may have crammed too many pixels into a small sensor. They probably should have made it 8 mp. Hopefully they can fix the problems soon or they are in trouble (unless my camera is defective).

Hope this helps. By the way, I did not spend the time to try to fix the IQ problems through processing. These were impressions of straight from the camera RAW and jpegs as compared to Nikon's.

In general, IMO 35mm film is better and medium format film is much better. I was hoping this camera could compete with film. Maybe the next iteration...

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