Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Honestly

Shutter lag is unrelated to blackout time. As is resolution. Two separate issues and both utterly unrelated to VF blackout interval due to mirror. You continue to doubt what I, having both cameras, find simple to observe. I really can't help that. And I suppose it doesn't matter. C'est la vie.

BTW, I never suggested it had a practical relevance. Straw man. It just relates to pleasant VF experience. Not a critical function.

Tony Beach wrote:

Quieter is easy enough to verify, but how that effects resolution would require more careful measurement than can be casually performed in a camera shop. Likewise, I doubt you can visually detect differences in the blackout time as we are talking about milliseconds to begin with, and then the slight fractional differences between them (it is literally a matter of a "photo finish" that the human eye cannot reasonably detect). Like I said, I would like to see the actual published numbers on blackout times, but I really think it is academic and has no practical relevance.

P.S. I just checked the shutter lag on both cameras, and the D300 is 45 milliseconds and the D7000 is 50 milliseconds, so the D300 has a head start regarding blackout time.

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