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Re: Are you serious?

cinefeel wrote:


pixel peeping is a disease.

Yes it is but this $6,899.00 joke is hardly the cure.

wait for my samples, which i will post as soon as the color bugs are resolved. i can guarantee that the SD1 is much sharper than any previous sigma.

You've established that this is a $6,899.00 " color buggy " product...we already got that several days ago.

While we (and you) wait can we see some B&W " APS-C for $6,899.00 " jaw dropping photos, please?

...and while we wait might I remind you that the bar has been put at " an alternative to very expensive medium-format cameras and digital backs " by Sigma, themselves, not " much sharper than any previous sigma ".

Let's try not to re-write history so early in the game, shall we?


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