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Re: Exceptional, indeed...

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

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petr marek wrote:

OK, I believe it´s a camera, which can take exceptional photos, slowly, with limitations, for very high price, but exceptional. And I just hope now it´s time to upgrade SD15 and DP series for thousands of ordinary users and Foveon fans, which can´t or don´t want to spend so much money. I think 6-8(x3) mpx Foveon camera with better low light and speed performance would be just fine...

I especially like this one:

...this way too funny...I was going through the photos, going "crappy, crappy, crappy..." when, gradually, they actually started to improve and somewhat make an just happened that, without noticing, I had left the SD1 ones and was starting looking at DP1, DP2 and Nikon


Er, you actually like that one? Its just a pic of a dirty grey tarp covering some scafolding...I dont see the appeal myself but I guess there is no accounting for personal taste in photography.

I want more SD1 samples with lots of fine detail and I want 100% crops of those samples so I can pixel peep them to death...Is that asking too much? do I convey irony with this keyboard?...there must be a key here, somewhere...

(...I did write " crappy, crappy, crappy " though...)



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