Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Honestly

1. Comparison was between my D7000 and D300.

2. Blink, as in, hey, this thing's mirror slap is much quieter and the balck-out is perceptibly quick compared to the D300 I've been shooting since '08, and with which I am extremely well acquainted.

3. Yes, the 300 is also a blink, just a tad Oh, man.

4. Yes, both cameras at high shutter speed which easily outpaces the mirror. Thanks you.

5. No to Q mode or MLU. Jeez. LOL. I may not work at NASA, but this ain't rocket science.

Seriously, why is this so hard for you to accept? It's a minor nicety. For the love of all that is, just go use one.

olyflyer wrote:

PhillyFotog wrote:

LOL. You are most welcome to doubt whatever you like. But the difference is indeed noticeable. The mirror in the D7000 is a blink. Very nice.

Again, how did you compare it with the D300s? What do you mean by "blink"? How long time does the D300s takes for you? For me it is also just a blink, especially at fast shutter speed and if the camera is not in Q mode. Are you sure you compared the two cameras with the same shutter speed and the D300s was not in Q mode or in MLU?

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