If new Pens come out with a new sensor, better IQ than the E-5

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Re: That's not what Olympus does- they are going to do it now as a first...

Raist3d wrote:

DonParrot wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Yes the later is my point of view. What is not a point of view is that they have been putting the best technology image quality wise in the entire line every time - which is the point under discussion. They may do it now for the first time with these three Pens.

You may be right there - I have been an Oly user for just two years, now, and don't know so much about the 'golden days'.

But what I know is that in 2009, they equipped three lower range cameras (E-30, E-620, E-600) with a newer, assumably better sensor than their flagship model that was launched just a year earlier (and with AF adjustment and a better display and art filters and and and...). So it's true, not the entire range got the new sensor plus other new features - but the lower-range cameras first.

I don't buy that the E-30 and 620/600 had unequivocally a better sensor than the E-3 had. Keep in mind the other factors like the quality components used. Just like the E-5 is better in a bit more than just the AA filter being weaker. The E-3 still was a hair better in color sensitivity and iso than the E-30 and quite frankly produced better to control shadow noise. The e-30 wins in that it's more resilient to banding.

But I talked about the sensor, not the overall performance. Didn't you always insist in the sensor of the E-5 being the same as in the three aforementioned cameras? So, if this is the case, this means - if I get you right here - that the E-3 had a better sensor than the E-5? Or, if you say the E-5's sensor is better than the one of E-6xx and E-30, how could this be if they all are equipped with the same sensor.

Or do you mean that the E3's IQ is better due to other features (processor etc)? In this case, this doen't say anything about the E-3's 10MP sensor being better than the 12MP sensor of E-6xx and E-30, right?

So somewhere in your reasoning must be a mistake - or I've misunderstood one of your arguments.

Quite a remarkable approach, I'd say.

It's hardly remarkable. It's not the first company doing this- if they did - and I don't agree they did it with the E-30/620/600.

Isn't it?

As I said, I haven't been following the development history on the camera market for a very long time, but since I'm doing no other manufacturer has been

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